Tuesday, November 01, 2005

(as written by Selena)

Back at the base, there is a memorial for those that had fallen in the mission.

Mercer has a word with Stick about the prime goal of the mission after the debriefing.

Ripper gives DJ a project, shape charged shot gun rounds

Rudy asks if they are aware that bio-mechs work in green storms.  Also disturbed about the news of the sorcerer is so close to the base.

A month later......

Group is called in by Capt Jordan.  Once all are gathered, she says that they've lost communication with one of the cells to the north and are a week over due in checking in.  The standard policy is to go in and check via Fox-bat.

Marissa, Van and Marty will be joining the PCs.  Marissa is an excellent Fox-bat driver of average looks.  They are also taking 2 of the warden suits, Noble will be training Stick.  It's a two day journey to the cell.

Before Bro Mercer went south, he did a quick check and couldn't find the cell in their normal camp.  Find McCoy and his men.  They are going well within the Green Zone so Atlantean influence is not suspected.

Rudy requests a personal LAW.

DJ and Ripper have their shotgun ammo made and Ripper takes a gun and his rounds.  Ripper gets 10 sticks of dynamite.  They are given an ammo case with 4 extra boxes of plasma ammo, and standard case of assault rifle rounds (240), standard survival kit, medical kit.

In the morning the group gathers and they head out.  They have a map to the location and there is a mech trailer for the warden suits behind the Fox-bat.  Van points out the cabin that is owned by Zoners (people who aren't rebels and just live in the Green Zone.)

They get to the cabin, very rustic.

Mick (looks like Grizzly Adams) points to where the group can park their Fox-bat and they invite the group in for dinner.  And they tell that they are going up to go check on McCoy and his group.

The camp is a day's journey down the old highway.  Mary mentions that they were around Silver Mountains.   Jimmy mentions that the saw something like a shooting star around that area.

Mick mentions something else to consider that there were a few herds of elk that came down a couple days ago.  He also mentions a story from the west side of the mountains about a flying tiger.

DJ goes to check the nets and hears something in the trees and sees the furry butt of a bear.  DJ blinks and heads off to finish his task.  The bear climbs down and ambles off the other direction.

They sleep the night there, and have a good breakfast in the morning before heading out along the highway, which is overgrown with cracked pavement here and there. Old rusted out cars ocassionally.

Late afternoon, there is a storm coming in..  They find a good spot that affords some protection from the wind.  They decided to send out two sentries, one goes up road, one goes down within range of the Fox-bat radio.

Ripper is out with Marissa.  Rudy goes out with Van.  Noble goes with Marty, and DJ goes out with Stick.  Storm comes in very heavy and the rain makes visibility most difficult. Dark, wet, cold and miserable. very limited sight.

Noble and Marty is out on sentry duty, up road, there is a scream that wakes those under the Fox-bat, and they notice Van is gone.  Rudy tries to track Van since t hey notice that Van's boots are also gone.

Rudy finds Van's footprints leading up the slope into the rougher terrain.  Ripper shoots a flare upslope.  Marissa and Stick stay behind by the Fox-bat and the gear as the others go upslope as Rudy tries to pick up the trail again.

They get up to the tree line and Rudy finds the tracks again.  They find some paper in the mud.   The footprints stop.  Everyone looks around and sees nothing.  Rudy casts light on a rock and looks at the tracks again for any further indicators.

Rudy sees two limbs of a tree are broken and a splash of blood.  He turns to tell Ripper his findings and sees a large, scary shape coming at him from behind.

DJ looks around Rudy swings his rifle around and fires, hitting. the thing behind Ripper, but it doesn't stop the charge.  Marty turns around at the sound of Rudy's shot, cries out oh shit and backpedals a bit.  Ripper dives out of the way, leaving him prone on the hillside.  Noble turns in the thing’s general direction, fires twice, and hits twice, landing solid hits staggering the thing, making it careen into a tree.  It hit the tree, it steps into the light: 9’6” tall, a mix between a silverback gorilla and a razorback hog, with bone protrusions along its back, and joints.  From down the slope the group hears some one say “OH SHIT” and gun fire.

DJ double-taps and lands his second shot and the thing stills.  Rudy puts a round in the things skull just in case, then checks the perimeter, but doesn't see anything.  Marty scoots down the hillside.  There is a loud roar and the slamming of metal.  Ripper gets up and heads towards the commotion.  Noble heads down the hill and trips and lands on a rock and looses his gun.

DJ heads down the hill and also looses his rifle as well.  Rudy tosses his light stone down and heads down the slope.  Marty gets out of the range of the light and fires, there are growls.  The light shows on the edge of the Fox-bat, there are muzzle flashes from beneath the vehicle.  Marissa screams and the Fox-bat rocks and a furry shape move across.  Ripper makes it down the hill and doesn't' see a viable target so moves further down and see a shape in the darkness, 15 yards going over the edge of the cliff.  He fires and misses.  Noble takes out a glow stick and looks around and sees no enemies, he saw the critter go over the edge of the cliff, the Fox-bat and the figures underneath and finds his rifle.

DJ sees as Noble does and gets to the Fox-bat.  Rudy makes another light rock and tosses it down.  The mud is churned up, Stick is laying on the ground looking for a target, Marissa is moaning in pain.  The net has been torn off the Fox-bat.  Marty slings his rifle and runs over towards where Marissa is and tries to lift the Fox-bat.  Ripper looks in for the jack to lift the vehicle.  Noble heads towards the Fox-bat post haste to help Ripper with the jack to lift the vehicle off Marissa.

DJ goes to the cliff edge and peeks down but doesn't see anything so takes up a guard position.  Rudy moves to Marissa and sees she is pinned by one of the grav-pads of the Fox-bat.  Ripper is working on the jack and starts to crank with Noble's help enough that Marty is able to pull Marissa out from under.  Rudy uses magic to heal up Marissa and Marty looks on stunned as Rudy does his magic.

Ripper grabs the med kid for the doc.  Noble tries to re-net the Fox-bat, but there is a huge tear in it.  Rudy uses his mending spell on the net, then checks Marissa who still has a fracture, so he splints up her leg.

Rest of the night goes by, tension is thick and no one is able to get back to sleep.  Come the morning, it's still drizzling, but the storm is passed.  Rudy checks the tracks.  Covers on the mechs are fine, the Fox-bat won't start.  DJ and Noble look and see the Fox-bat is fucked.

Other group goes up and finds the critter gone... and it crawled off under its own power.  DJ and Noble salvage as the other group tracks the critter some.  It had skirted the trees, then it goes from crawling, to walking and is obviously slowly regenerated.

They head out once the group returns and the highway slopes down.  DJ and Noble come up with a way to go.  Stick and Ripper start the 'da-da-da-ta' portion of 500 hundred miles by the Proclaimers.

Stick and Rudy trade off scouting ahead.  Epoch shows up.  (That was scary, feed me.)  Rudy finds tracks 4 miles down the hill.  First there is one set, large dogs, possibly wolves.

Evening and the group is not quite down the slope yet.  The brakes broke once and had to be replaced.   They are most of the way there and look for shelter.  They sit down to eat.  Rudy heals Marissa's fracture so she is limping sans the splint.

The night passes uneventfully.

They head down to the valley floor.  At the base, the road dwindles into grass and shrubs and a river.  On the other side of the valley are several old buildings, the derelict ruins of old town.  The map shows that McCoy's camp is up the first main trail to the left following a stream.

Rudy leads the way towards the cell camp.  It takes 20 minutes to get to the break in the trail to get to the first sign to the camp.  Within a grove of pine trees, there is a crude cabin with a fire-pit outside.  It’s a fairly tidy camp, but no one about.  They look around the perimeter.

DJ stays outside of the cabin as Ripper and Rudy go inside.  Epoch runs in and growls at the far cot.  Noble arrives.  Ripper crouches and shines the light under the cot; there is a dog underneath and more blood.  Epoch growls still as the other dog lifts up its head.

The dog has a big tear it its flank, looks infected.  Rudy looks for a root cellar.  Ripper and Rudy tend to the dog.  Noble does a sweep of the perimeter before powering down outside the cabin.

Rudy uses his spell 'Speak with Animal' on the dog.

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