Thursday, November 17, 2005

SESSION SEVEN (as written by Selena)

Rudy starts to interrogate the dog who tells of big bad bears that attacked his master and his pack, killing them and injuring him. They were attacked at the ruins of the old town down the trail many nights ago. The dog says that if he is well and could join Rudy’s pack, he’d help against the bad bears.

Rudy tends to the dog’s wounds that are infected, cleaning out the foreign particles and uses a spell to heal it. The dog stands and limps over, licking Rudy across the face then goes to greet Epoch.

DJ volunteers to go down into the root cellar. There are a lot of canned goods, potatoes, and other staples. DJ reports what he found as Rudy reports what the dog related.


Meanwhile, Roland has been camping out and searching for whomever he can. His suit has maybe an hour left of power supply, stopping in case he had to use it.

A few nights ago, he saw something from his camp fall from the sky, aiming his search for what it was. This particular morning, he’s made it to the valley, just up on a ledge and sees the ruins of the town and is ready to go down in it. There is the glint of something metallic and sees a mech suit with a couple of people walking around. He starts heading down.


Stick looks around and sees Roland coming in as Marty points him out. Roland stops and peers through his binoculars …. And sees he’s been spotted.

Marissa notes, “At least it’s not big, spikey and hairy.”

Stick waves at Roland. Roland waves at Stick and heads that way. Stick sets up a perimeter, facing the way that Roland is approaching.

Stick orders him to drop his weapon and Roland does so, then walks on up. Stick starts to ask him questions. Marissa recognizes the imp uniform and asks if Roland is a imp man and asks where his unit in.

Stick asks him to remove his jacket and turn around, then frisks him, finding a locket along with the binoculars, combat knife and that’s it. He explains the locket was his mother’s and opens it for Frisk.

By then the rest of the team has arrived. Stick asked if he is a pilot and what he pilots, and Marty what he pilots now. Roland tells them a scout suit and had disabled the transponder. He said that he escaped during a patrol.

Stick asks where the Imp scout suit.

Marty pulls Ripper aside and mentions that even if Roland is with them, he still has to go through the same tests the others did. Marissa asks how much Roland has power-wise in his mech, which is only about an hour.

DJ can rig something to transfer power.

The team goes to check out the ruins.

They name the other dog Bear.

(These suits are made for walkin’…)

They push the trailer about 10 minutes out of town. Stick powers up his suit to do a sensor sweep, not seeing anything of note on the infrared scan.

Stick, Ripper, Marissa and Marty are one team, the other team is Noble, Rudy, DJ and Roland.

Both dogs are very wary.

Stick uses his infrared and sees nothing.

Something further up the street darts across the street, Rudy and Stick notice them. A murder of crows flies upwards at the disturbance.

They find a spread of old blood on the pavement. There are a few prints leading away from the scene. There is a small park to the left where swings, dilapidated with age. There is shredded flesh on a tree… it takes a closer study to see it is deer.

The group gets to where the movement was spotted. Down the street is another bloody site, crows settle back in. Rudy’s team goes forward to see the site, and the mechs pick up the heat sign. Stick fires a suppressive fire at the window. The thing disappears.

The remains are of 2 humans. There is an assault rifle, badly damaged, off to the side of the street.

Stick positions himself where he can see the building where

Rudy calls out, “If you’re human, you better say something!”

Something heavy is knocked over on the other side of the street. There is another crunch.

Rudy asks, “Ripper, have engaged your… spiritual protection.”

Ripper activates his mage armor.

Another heat blip comes on screen... and Stick fires a shot, scaring everyone. A fourth comes up and a fifth blip, circling the team’s position. They form a circle to try to head back to the intersection.

They hear a loud, cry, sounding very apish. Three of the ape things comes out in different directions and go to the party. Stick opens with his plasma rotary gun, firing a burst. The creature gets spun around and thrashes on the ground. Noble does a burst fire and pulps the thing, sending it flying back. Ripper fires his plasma rifle at the critter Stick shot, scoring a solid hit and it howls in pain. Roland fires, missing with the first shot, but the second does hit. Rudy spins around and stands to fire… ending up having to step around Roland. He gets a good hit on the critter, making the arm fly back. DJ fires at the one Stick and Ripper, it had stopped, but DJ didn’t do much else appreciable damage. A critter charges Roland and Rudy fires, but misses. The creature bowls into the middle of the circle as Roland moved out of the way. Two more head in the arc that Noble faces. Marissa and Marty open up and miss widely.

Noble readies a rocket. The critter scrapes at the armor and threw off his aim. The rocket hits to the right and blows up a mail box. Stick gets his vibroblade, spins around and attacks the critter in the circle, but knocks into Noble and the blade is sheathed in pavement. Stick fires at the critter and misses. DJ turns and fires, and has no noticble effect on the critter. Rudy fires and misses with the first shot, but lands a very solid hit, rocking it back, but the critter still is coming. Roland (let’s give the knife a try) pulls his knife and stabs at the critter, hitting solidly and hopping back. The critter goes after Noble. (Bring it on monkey boy!) It claw, claw, bites and tries to rend through the armor. It gets purchase and damages the mech and Noble a bit. The one critter that was down gets up and quickly hobble-lopes towards the group. The two missed with the rocket runs in. The one hit by Rudy goes after him and throws an arm at the doctor and he manages to dodge out of the way. Marissa fires a burst and hits the critter charging. Marty steps out of the circle and opens up on a critter in a burst, and connects, pissing it off.

Noble turns and hits the one in the circle with a burst fire and the circle is sprayed… the thing is still breathing, but down. Stick does a full auto burst at the creature hobble-lopes at him, taking out a leg and fells it, not sure if it’s dead or not. Ripper shoots at the one that Stick just knocked down, hitting it in the side of the temple and it stills. DJ takes out his Glock and fires one shot at the prone one in the ground and it slumps. Rudy moves a five foot step away from the critter. Roland drops the knife, brings his rifle up to attack the critter going after Rudy and Marissa, aiming a bit too high. Critter aims for Rudy with two claws and tries to bite Marissa. One claw connects with Rudy, gashing him a good bit. Fangs latch onto her and she pulls out from its grasp as she screams. Critter closes with Marty and its spikes entangles him , flinging him away and he screams, landing on the pavement. Marissa books and it misses her as she heads towards Marty.

Noble short bursts again and misses. Stick steps from the circle and bursts at the one that threw Marty… missing. Ripper fires and hits the one that Stick missed, shot hits it leg, hurting it some. DJ also fires at the same one and the bullets seem to have no effect. Rudy moves away to the windowless, door-less wall he had eyed. Roland double-taps and hits with both shots and bloodies it, but it’s still up and fighting. One howls and runs off for the nearest alley, the other follows.

Noble does a short burst at the retreating critters, missing. Stick launches a hornet grenade and misses the mark, disappearing into a window, tagging the mannequins. Ripper misses. DJ double-taps and hits, but doesn’t seem to do anything special. Rudy double-taps and misses with the first shot, hits with the second in the ass, making it yelp. Roland also double-taps and drops one, making it slide into a brick wall. The other one disappears into the alley.

Noble tries to riverdance on one of the critters and almost falls down. Stick pokes at the other with his vibro-blade, removing lungs and the heart. Stick just wants to see what it takes to permanently kill the creature. When he took out the heart, it stopped.

Marty is still alive but sinking fast. Roland reaches out his hand and starts praying over Marty… but is only able to let him rest peacefully. Rudy keeps examining and figures he may have a pierced lung and some kidney damage, but nothing appears to still be lodged. They burn the other bodies.

Some of the party takes trophies from the critters.

The party heads up to the cabin, one mech pulling the other on the trailer. DJ looks for radio and does a thorough search, finding a compartment and the manual to the radio. He tries to use the mech to find the radio signal, but doesn’t manage to do so.

Rudy checks out the trails to see if there is any that lead up wards and does find heading upslope and decide to check that on the morrow.

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