Tuesday, October 18, 2005


She explains that the creatures are Ulvish and the dog is a an Atlal hound. It will pick up their trail. The crew looks confused, stunned, disbelieving at the proof of alien weirdness. They discuss the option of attacking, then the same heavy hovercraft they saw before shows up and thoughts of attack disappear.

They instead allow KC, the red head, to radio in their position and situation back to "base". They set off higher into the mountains, looking for a good ambush or trap sight.

Eventually they cross a slide area and rig a trap with the small amount of explosives Ripper took from the ship. They continue and later hear an explosion from behind. At the top of the pass, far above tree line they stop and look back with binocs but can't see very far due to curves in the hillside. They also spot an old crash sight across the gorge but decide to cross to it would prove too difficult while being pursued. A storm approaches quickly.

Stick offers to run back along the trail and check on pursuit while the rest move down over the pass and into the neighboring valley, where KC claims to have a hidden camp sight.

Stick spies the two Ulvish and a ten foot mech still following. The dog seems to be out of the picture. He runs back to the group. Rudy attempts to create false tracks to lead their pursuers away from the camp. Making watch they rest for a short while. Once the storm passes KC radios base again and arranges for a pickup on the valley floor. Three Rebel Foxbats will fly in and pick up the crew.

Making their way to the valley floor they find that the Imperial Hovercraft has beat them to the spot and set up close to some boulders. They just have time to warn the foxbats as they enter from down valley. Two of the rebel hovercraft engage the hovertransport while the third makes for the pickup. The Ulvish engage the crew from within the trees.

As the crew approaches, the hover transport puts out defensive smoke but still takes several major hits from the foxbats. KC is critically wounded by the Ulvish gunfire. Stick and Ripper make for the first Foxbat as the earlier seen mech emerges from the trees and destroys it, sending them cartwheeling away. Going a little nuts, Stick draws his Katana and charges the advanced mech as it sends rounds towards the second foxbat. His attacks might be said to be ineffectual though they do give one of the Foxbats time to blast the mech with a rocket barrage.

Taking cover in the wreckage of the first Foxbat, Rudy, Ripper and DJ grenade the advancing Ulvish and manage to finish them off before they can get within whacking distance with their huge swords.

The mech retreats into the trees and the transport is finished off, leaving the rebel group victorious with two dead and KC seriously wounded.


In the wrap up to the rescue battle a rebel scrap crew is sent in to harvest parts from the wreckage. The alarm is given that Imperial Biomechs are approaching and everyone scrambles to leave. They head south but it's soon apparent that the ABM's will catch them without a diversion.

Xander, one of the Foxbat pilots volunteers to take a commandeered scout bike to act as the diversion. They power down and shell up as he speeds off being pursued.

Though he doesn't return and they have little hope he survived, his sacrifice allows them to reach "Rock Dock", a rebel camp on a small island in a nearby lake. There they meet Leuitenant Turner, who seems critical of the group and unbelieving of their story. After lying low for a day, Turner leads them by trickery into a makeshift scanner of some sort that is meant to determine if any or all of the crew are living, Imperial bombs. They are all cleared with the exception of Ripper, who has some kind of device beneath his ribs (which almost gets him shot on sight.)

A little smooth talking and DJ is allowed to check the scans. They determine that the device is of "old" tech variety and Ripper has no idea what it is. Rudy is allowed to operate on his crewmate to remove the device for closer inspection. None are allowed to return to the rebel base until the matter is resolved.

In the rebel transport, a makeshift surgery is performed and the device is removed. It turns out to contain two chemical agents of some sort that mix upon receiving a special close range radio signal. It's guessed that the chemicals would be toxic if mixed but nothing is known for certain and the device is boxed for later investigation after the Leiutenent determines that it is of no danger and confiscates it for the time being.

During the surgery, Ripper has strange dreams brought on by anesthesia. In them he floats free of his body and is visited by disjointed "memories?" of lying in a hospital bed and speaking with someone in an Arabic tongue; looking at schematics of the device in his body; talking of the Tracker Satellite. He is then aware of a separate entity sharing his dream. "Who intrudes upon my meditations? Oh look, a primate come to spy perhaps? We shall take care of you..." He sees strange, arcane symbols and 'awakens' to his magical gifts before being yanked back to consciousness by Rudy, who also awakens to his gifts in the same instant.

After recouping enough, Ripper and the rest of the crew are transported to LIMESTONE base.

Once there, they are shown to quarters and given a tour around the non-security areas of the underground base. They meet with the base commander (Commander Maddicks) and tell their story (keeping the Tracker satellite to themselves for now). They are made welcome until it can be determined what is to be done with them. When learning of humanity's role as slaves and the Atlantean Empires operation each decides its probably best to stick with the rebels for now and say as much to the commander. He officially recognizes them as new members of his base.

Ripper and Rudy are soon contacted by a nearby mind while in a meditative state. This person turns out to be a Druid, (Brother Mercer) who first informs them of the penumbra and shields their minds from Atlantean sorcerers, whom we believes Ripper has already accidently had a run in with.

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