Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The crew wakes up in their cryo-chambers and punch in their respective codes to get out of their cells. Convening on the deck and those that have woken up on schedule are:

Rudy Castillo: Doctor

Jack Nelson (Ripper): Chemical engineer

DJ McGrath: Technician in charge of the tracker satellite

Hikaru Wantanabe: the pilot and team leader is still in stasis

The UNS Savior is in high orbit around the earth and as the groggy crew are waking up there is a warning signal. Popping on the scanners and cameras, there is some metallic junk floating by their vessel.

Jack sees a UN insignia on the floating scrap. He starts to scan radio signals and only picks up one broadcast speaking in an odd language that none of the crew are familiar with.

DJ brings up an incoming message. On the view screen is a pale and hairless human being. DJ gives the standard hailing and then the standard answer when asked who they are.

The being asks them to activate their homing beacon, speaking in broken English. Jack requests to speak to someone in the UN and the being tells the crew to prepare to be boarded.

DJ sees on the long range sensors that there are huge incoming craft.

Jack switches to the UN channel and Rudy goes to check on Hikaru and Epoch, the dog that was brought along as a test subject.

A scruffy looking man comes on the video on the UN channel, demanding to know who has called.

The standard response is again given, and Jack is told to not use the channel again until contacted.

DJ starts to compute the orbit to launch the tracker satellite since preparations are starting to go underway to get into the re-entry vehicle. Meanwhile, Rudy has awoken the dog and Hikaru, giving the pilot a stimulant to take off the grogginess.

A call comes in and a new face appears, (Robed and bearded man) whispers something and then steps off screen. An older man steps up and states there is little time for
explanations. He gives landing coordinates and signs off.

DJ sees more blips on the radar as smaller craft have emerged from the larger ones approaching. Jack rigs a little booby trap, DJ has the computers set to be wiped and the crew gets into the reentry vehicle.

Hikaru speeds away and sensors show that one of the smaller craft has pulled away from the Savior to go after the crew. They enter earth's atmosphere and Hikaru works on getting away, beginning evasive maneuvers. The dive causes Jack to loose what contents there were in his stomach.

As they break cloud cover, they see that they are over a mountain range and Hikaru mentions the Rockies. There is a small strip of a lake that he goes for to land as fuel is running out, however they had managed to evade their pursuer.

After a vote, a delighted Hikaru makes the craft skip across the lake like a stone. After the fifth skip, they run out of lake and the craft flips, inflicting minor injuries to the occupants.

The crew grabbed their gear and crawled out into the snow. They notice the odd weather pattern and the green lightning crackling across the sky. They begin to set off away from the site, pass the tree line towards the coordinates given. The managed to find some boulders that provided a decent shelter from the wind to camp.

After the storm has passed, the group wakes, eats and get out of the shelter to take a quick survey of their surroundings. Hikaru watches the compass as it spins. and all electrical equipment is found to be non-functioning.

The sun rises finally as the group heads out, taking as much precautions as possible without sacrificing speed. They get to the ridge that is overlooking the lake and see a shape moving along the shoreline. Using binoculars, it's some sort of vehicle that is amphibious as it glides onto the water's surface.

They head out to get as much distance from the crash site as they can. They make another hidden camp and set up watches even as Hikaru seems to be catching a cold.

The following morning, Epoch pads in with a bone he found to carry and gnaw on. They head out and come to a creek to replenish the water supply, and at DJ's suggestion, Rudy and Jack do a little fishing and actually catch a couple to augment their rations.

They make camp again but during DJ's watch, early in the morning, Epoch perks up and growls, scooting closer to DJ. DJ nudges folks awake and Rudy can make out hooves in the distance. Jack stands down thinking it may be deer.

At daybreak, Rudy goes tot see what was making the sound. He finds the tracks that could be shod hooves, possibly a horse, and then reports back.

The crew hears the sound like an engine, and then it stops. The group decides to head to the tracks, Hikaru and Rudy going on ahead stealthily.

They see the hind quarters of an animal and someone putting packs on it. Hikaru draws his katana and sneaks forward, Rudy takes a cover position. Hikaru disappears and then returns a few moments later with a pretty woman at sword point.

The woman is a red head, dressed for the outdoors, armed with an odd and heavy looking pistol and furious as hell.

Rudy takes her gun and questions as she growls. After establishing that Rudy and Hikaru are not with the Atlanteans, she says she'd take them up to the ridge where they can get transport away.

Hikaru goes to get the others and DJ is more interested in the gun than the owner of it. The boys follow her up the ravine to the ridge. She crawls to the ridge line and peers over with her rifle that Rudy didn't take away. The scope pops out and she peers through it. The others take out binoculars to look as well.

15-20 minutes later, a large, pony-sized dog pops out and sniffs around. Following it are 2 creatures about 9' tall and stooped over. They have black horns, a short tail and a digitigrade stance.

The woman goes to her mule and takes out a shell-like case, inside it is a radio.

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