Thursday, October 20, 2005

(As Written by Selena)

3 weeks later...

The group is still keeping things under wraps in regards of the satellite

Hikaru is trained in mecha ops and is a mech lieutenant. He still is hitting the labs to get his fix as he needed. Ripper has been using him as a lab rat.

Rudy has been in the medic bay and by hunting. He's been taking lessons along with Ripper with Brother Mercer: meditation, spiritual energies, and the penumbra.

Ripper has been trying to figure out the implant, and figure out who he is. The dreams have not stopped, but nothing else clear.

DJ ...TOYS..... Sirrel, another tech is fascinated with his fascination with Star Wars. He's also been trying to figure containment. He has gotten his computer working and his files back, and a shellpack for his personal laptop.

The group is gathered. Lt. Jordan, a blonde petite female, is present. They are working on the generators that have gone down. They are going to swipe hardware from the Imps.

The Kurzo compound outside the green zone is the target. Sub optics from one of the generators will be plenty. Hikaru is on the mech squad. The other 3 will be in the infiltration squad.

(do you want me to fix ya, or do you want me to fix ya up?)

There is a backpack for carrying the optics.

DJ wants a mountain bike.

Stick asks for clarification on a few other points.

Gear will be vibroswords, handguns, ammo as needed, assault rifle, stealth suit, light battle armor, 5 frag grenades,

Lt. Greaves is in charge of the mechs

Group gets ready and head out. Stick and Greaves chat about tactics.

Jordan will be taking out patrol with compound bows.

They get to the operation base. Scouts are sent out for the perimeter of the base. 2 hours Mercer comes out to tell about the patrol, there is an encampment nearby; there are sentry droids there when the storms are not hitting.

Storm arrives. They head out and get to the initialization point. The teams of bowman head out, Rudy goes along with them.

Mercer reports the patrol and Rudy relays. The leader goes for an ambush a bit away, the team follows. They see the patrol come over the ridge and see the trail that they are walking along.

The dogs almost immediately stop and point. The team leader orders the team to take their shots. They hit even with the darkness and the wind. One of the guards gets 2 arrows the other falls out of his saddle.

Rudy draws his knife and gets ready in case a dog attacks. The arrows are loosed again and the arrows find their mark as the fallen is now a porcupine. The horses flee.
The archers drop their bows and run up. The dogs run down.

One dog is cut on the way to the guards. The archer takes the flare gun and takes the flare out of the chamber.

They move to hide the bodies and go to meet the second patrol. The ambush spot is perfect and they are also taken out.

Mercer tells the mech pilots that they are go.

One of the other members, Billy has the M3R. They have to take the manapault. There are two forward scouts that keep the insertion team from running into patrols.

The mechs pilots see the torch lights along the walls. Greaves comes into huddle and they can see the runes glowing. They think they can do mortar rounds since the darkness of night would be able to help since the Imps have lanterns.

Stick volunteers to open the door. If he doesn't, Noble will try her hand.

The mortars are deployed. Billy Bob is on his shoulder. The mortars start firing.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the insertion team starts getting their positions together and is setting up the manapault.

The big gunner, Club, puts the helmet on and shows how to operate the contraption. He looks to Thornton and Derry. Derry is the biggest guy in the group; he goes last since he can crank the thing himself.

The fire starts, the Imps scatter. The insertion team waits another minute and a half. Smoke rounds go off. Stick gets his pack and heads to knock on the door. Two shots ring off stick's mech's armor but just bounces off the armor. As he gets up to the gate, the bullets march across the grounds and manage to minorly penetrate.

Stick slaps on the charge. The smoke and everything, Stick manages to trip. Billy rolls out but manages to get before he's hurt. Stick gets the pack on the door and BB gets back into his pod. Stick sticks close to the wall.

Club gives a nod to the big guy and is launched. He goes over the top, managing to show off. He sees a guy with a LAW rocket who doesn't see him at all as he goes over.
Club pulls his chute at the right point and he avoids the building. He touches down, pulls in his chutes and he gets behind some crates.

DJ goes next and gets shot up, but has to pull his shoot to get to where he can glide. There are 2 men carrying a weapon and he moves to get out of their line of sight.
He manages to skip behind them by 12 feet. He lands on top of the crates where Club is hiding behind.

Ripper hops up next. He makes it over and pops the chute correctly... however he drifts right near the barracks. Club curses and goes to a corner to give Ripper cover.
There are a group of soldiers running about 40 feet away and the last one sees Ripper, turns around and....

Meanwhile, Billy Bob is hunkered and covered. The blast sounds and Stick can't see the doors so he waits. Mercer tells him to wait and Noble's mech goes by.
She takes 2 hits but only takes minimal damage and sticks another blast pack to finish blowing the door.

Noble skids next to Stick and the pack blows the door off, the gate flying off in chunks. The dust settles, rockets start to fire out of the gate. Stick gives Noble a signal to see if he wants to jump and he wants to. He steps back from the wall and BB ducks down as the mechs jump.

Thorton goes next. Rudy uses his mage armor. Thorton doesn't get to the top of his arc and gets spotted and is fired upon. Thorton pulls his chute early and pulls out his gun, taking shots as best he can while moving.

Rudy takes a shot and hits the guy pretty square and knocks the guy off the wall. Thornton catches along the wall and drops the last 15 feet and there is a snap of the ankle, making him cry out.

Rudy refastens his gun and gets ready for his launch. Rudy has a few troubles and ends up a bit sideways and almost upside down. Rudy then pops the chute too late, the ground and building coming very fast at him. He barely manages to pull the chute open at 20 feet from the ground and manages to land, pulling a muscle as he came down the dome.

Darry goes next, and gets over the wall, pops the chute perfectly and comes down 10 feet into the clearing near Ripper. The imp gets a shot off at Darry and catches him square in the neck. Darry goes down and doesn't get up.

Rudy heard the action barely going on with his team and doesn't see any of his teammates except for DJ. He heads over next to DJ taking a defensive position.
DJ heads to the corner and fires his Glock at the one firing at Ripper, causing him to stagger back. Club moves to finish the guy off and does so.
Ripper goes around chucking a frag grenade behind the 5 and is off, it explodes behind a corner.

A grenade comes out and explodes, not enough to do damage, enough concussive force to knock Ripper back a step.

Rudy sneaks around the other side of the building to the diagonal corner. He sees two soldiers up against the wall at the generator building. DJ heads over to another corner close to the generator building, opposite now from Rudy. Club runs over to the wall by the door. Ripper runs towards the door, crouching down and peeks into the inset an auto fire hits, though doesn't hit him. He ducks back.

An imp battle rolls to the ground and sprays the area by Ripper. Ripper gets hit and he hugs the building. The pair that Rudy saw goes around the building, hugging close.
One fires at DJ and he dodges back, getting to cover.

Stick gets up over the wall. A two man group track and let loose a rocket and they miss by a good 25 feet. He lands on the roof and one foot breaks through but manages not to tip.

Noble hops over and doesn't get fired upon and he lands inside the walls.

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