Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Three weeks have passed in which time:

You have become familiar with the basics of mecha piloting. Through extensive use of Limestone's two simulators, your previous piloting skills and several test runs in the base's two RS6 Wolfs you're ready to receive your first mecha badge proclaiming you proficient in combat mech operation.

Although you have spent some time with the other mech pilots they remain a little wary of you and you have made no friends yet. Some seem upset at your fast promotion. Your previous rank of Captain has no particular value in the Gaean army. Due to previous military skill and experience you have been granted the rank of Mech Lieutenant and are immediately under the command of Mech Commander Marcus Summers, who commands all the mech units at Limestone.

You have made a quick place for yourself in the Base community, contributing as a medic and hunter. Of all the group, you are most familiar with the lay of the land around the base, having gone out on several hunting trips. In addition to this you and Ripper have been taking lessons with Brother Mercer, the base's resident Druid Advisor and father to Lieutenant Turner (the rude man in charge who didn't trust the group back at the island).
Your druidic lessons include meditation techniques and how to properly cast spells, as well as your first introductions to the ways of the penumbra.

You have been busy trying to solve the mystery of your strange implant and who you are. The dreams have not stopped since that first one on the operating table, but nothing else has been made clear to you through them. You have made some connections to the soldiers but remain a little distant and preoccupied. Along with Rudy, you're taking lessons from Brother Mercer. You haven't mentioned the dreams to him, but you can tell he knows something is wrong.

Oh the wonderful toys! In the three weeks since you arrived, it's been hard to pry you out of the mech bay and armory. Your main preoccupation of late has been with plasma energy and contained force fields. Images of light sabers dance through your twisted mind and of all the group, you are probably most happy with your strange situation. You've made a few friends among the mechanics, in particular a woman named Cyril who has been getting caught up in your search for star wars technology. She had never heard of the movies before and is fascinated with them... and you.

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